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Breeder of top quality German horses.
Every year we inseminate our mares with semen from our stallion Aliano and stallions from the outside also, we have an inventory of frozen semen from stallions located in Germany and some fresh semen from United States stallions that we use over the years to come.
2011 foals expected

Tamara x Aliano

2011 April

Foal 100% Holsteiner pedigree:

Aliano / Aljano / Corrado / Le Santo / Rantares / Oskar

Aliana Easter Gift FMB x Apiro

2011 May

Foal pedigree:

Aliano / Aljano / Corrado / Apiro / Argentinus / Pilot

Floristern FMB x Aliano

2011 May

Foal pedigree:

Aliano / Aljano / Corrado / Flower King / Feinbrand / Feiner Stern / Roemer / Condus

Sanna (Hanna) x Escudo I

2011 July

Foal 100% Hanoverian pedigree:

Escudo I / Espri / Arkansas / Woermann / Sandsturm / Gotthard / Winkel / Ferdinand

Stallions used in 2010:
Aliano, Holsteiner Verband (Aljano / Corrado).

Of course being the owner of the magnificent stallion Aliano we breed the majority of our mares with!

Several foals expected in 2011 and will be for sale, see the pedigree of our imported mares.
All information, pedigree and photos of Aliano.

Our mares Tamara & Floristern FMB are pregnant of Aliano by fresh semen !


Apiro Bavarian WB stallion (Argentinus / Pilot)

Apiro is currently one of the most popular stallion Hunter in the U.S, Apiro is nominated to the International Hunter Futurity and the Hunter Development Incentive Fund and he was Reserve Champion of his 30-day test in 2004.

Our Oldenburg mare Aliana Eastergift FMB is pregnant by this super Hunter by frozen semen !


Escudo I Hanovrien Verband (Espri/Arkansas)

Celle state stud stallion Escudo I (Espri/Arkansas) has been named the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2009.

Our Hanoverian Verband mare Sanna is pregnant of this magnificent Jumping & Dressage stallion by frozen semen and for sure Escudo I produce several Dressage horses !
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September 02, 2010
Stallions used in 2010:


Information and photos on each sire in the bottom of the page.
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